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Now At New Location- 4/2/23

We have moved store location. Check out our new shop at 163 Marrickville Road, Marrickville 11 to 5pm daily except 7pm on Thursday and Fridays. Its just a short walk down the road from the old place.

List below for RSD 2024 Wishes, so email for any enquiries or indicative prices ASAP with Import deadlines this week.

Open 7 days a week 11am to 6pm (except Sun 5pm)

Record stores and romance seem to go well together in movies, right? Well, here’s a real-life love story for you!
RPM founders Lizzie and Steve went on their first official date in December 2014, more than a year after first meeting on a Boat Cruise that Steve’s band played a set on.
Lizzie spoke of her desire to run her own business utilising her Hospitality & Computer skills and Steve talked about his incredible Vinyl collection, and how he’d like to open a Vinyl/Coffee shop one day. They of course discussed their mutual love of Music.
Well the ‘one day’ happened about 7 or 8 months later, when the now ‘couple’, opened RPM at 113 Marrickville Road in August 2015!
Although the shop has never had even so much as a Bathroom, so the Coffee part was put indefinitely on the back burner!
The RPM name was Lizzie’s idea. That came partially from a club in Toronto she loved, partially from 33 and 45 ‘revolutions per minute’, (the speed Vinyl plays at) and mostly because it fit the business model of Records, Posters and Memorabilia.
The Posters & Memorabilia part was a no brainer, because whilst they were considering when and where to open, they were offered a once in a lifetime opportunity from legendary Promoter Kevin Jacobson. RPM ended up with their walls adorned with incredible historical Posters and signed Memorabilia from Kevin’s personal collection. Framed photos from the former Sydney Entertainment Centre and signed photos and albums from the world’s biggest superstars!
The RPM Vinyl plan from day one was ‘stock is king & all killer no filler’.
Steve explains, “the all killer no filler – is subjective of course and based mostly on condition. You won’t find any music snobbery from us, so anything from Abba to Zappa and all roads between will be on the shelves. The condition will be usually VG+ or better. Occasionally if we find a rare record with only a VG cover, we’ll price accordingly. All records are tested, and mostly vacuum machine cleaned, to ensure the best listening experience. Every opportunity to buy new stock is taken. As long as the Vinyl is not too scratched. With the VC Project Cleaning Machine, we can make them almost like new again”.

It was a bold leap of faith to open a shop after only a six-month relationship, but the relationship and shop has gone from strength to strength. The couple married 2 years later in July 2017 next door at the Gasoline Pony.

From day one the shop and the couple have been warmly embraced by the Marrickville and wider community and the feelings were reciprocal. In those early days they’ll sheepishly admit to working 16 hours days and sometimes sleeping in the shop to get it off the ground but have lived in the locality from the very beginning.
Initially it was only 2nd hand Vinyl, but RPM soon realised that Record Store Day (RSD) and new Vinyl were essential for growth. Pretty soon a huge collection of new and sealed brand new albums and reissues were acquired from Australian suppliers in most genres.
These days the stock levels are huge and it’s close to a 50/50 split with new and 2nd hand.
During Covid and its immediate aftermath, the price of new Vinyl shot up. To combat and cushion that blow, RPM joined a buying group with several very select and prestigious Record Stores throughout Australia. RPM now have access to dozens of overseas suppliers of high quality and often limited-edition Vinyl at much more competitive prices. The variety of stock is incredible, and it’s always been RPM’s aim to offer high quality at great prices. In short great value for money.



For a long time RPM have resisted putting all their Vinyl online, preferring to let the in-store shoppers and loyal customers get first dibs in an old school shopping environment.

However certain situations have caused a change of heart. Mainly the sheer volume of stock of highly collectable Vinyl RPM holds demands a wider audience. Seven years of buying at least once a week will do that! Of course, a lot of people don’t have time to visit as often as they’d like, and many people prefer online shopping.

One final piece of the plan will be executed soon, and more details will be forthcoming as appropriate.

Lizzie and Steve would like to express their deep gratitude to the Vinyl community for helping realise their dreams and welcome on board all new customers from different parts of Australia and indeed the world to enjoy this e-commerce shopping experience. The aim is to give the same great service RPM have always been known for. Enjoy by pressing the red link above to go directly to the new online shop which will eventually reflect everything we have in the shop but still only less than half so always worth an in store digging experience for the best selection.

After 7 plus amazing years in the current location, an announcement of a new location will be made shortly.

Yes, it does have bathrooms, Air Con AND the potential for Coffee!  So, stay tuned.

Steve and Kevin Jacobson

RPM Records started from a dream of “One day opening a record shop” to having an awesome opportunity presented to Steve and Lizzie in June 2015, to partner with a former major music promoter, Kevin Jacobson, to represent his collection, made up of items as far back as the 1980’s, many rare one offs and signed collectibles. We are the ultimate destination for music lovers. We have a large amount of Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, also Music Posters, Books, T-Shirts, and an impressive collection of Framed Vintage Music and Sports Memorabilia for sale. Something for every taste and budget. Recently we had over 50 signed items come in, up for sale for the first time in 10-20 years most of them. Many authenticated by Glenn A Baker in 1992.