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What’s playing in store right now?

A new unreleased songwriter called Steve Wernick, from The Twisted Walton’s (and formerly The Cleanskins) We should have his EP in stock by May/June but whenever we spin it, customers want to buy it, and so we are already taking pre-orders!

What is it that you dig about the Sydney music scene?

The scene where we are is really happening, right next door to a fantastic Bar that has live music 5 nights.   We stay open later than our normal 11am-7pm until 10pm on the weekends. Local and international musicians are often in the shop and there’s such an explosion of new vinyl buyers due to the popularity over the last few years. The biggest surprise to me is how young, 14-18’s, they are buying the old classics like Zeppelin and Floyd. Did you know that turntables were the hottest seller on amazon last Christmas?

Lizzie French on right with Layla McNeil, another happy RPM customer!